Monday, January 25, 2010

Recognition in High-Places Of Smith's Real Views on Earthquake Disasters

Brad DeLong post prolifically on his blog:
The Semi-Daily Journal of Economist J. Bradford DeLong: “Grasping Reality with Opposable Thumbs” -
(“A Fair, Balanced, and Reality-Based Look at the World”)from the
Department of Economics, U.C. Berkeley HERE:

I Wonder If Matthew Bishop of the Economist and Michael Green Have Apoogized to Their Readers and to Adam Smith Yet...”

Gavin Kennedy, on quotations out of context.

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps

Yes, the short to-the-point one-liner is Brad Delong signature post.

On this occasion, he refers to Lost Legacy's post of 16 Saturday:

Adam Smith on Earthquakes and a "Man of Humanity"

Matthew Bishop, US Business Editor of The Economist and Michael Green write for Philanthrocapitalism Blog and have produced, I hope in innocence, what amounts, by implication, so far as their readers are concerned, to a scurrilous slur on Adam Smith.”

Which, incidentally, followed Friday's post:

Another Half-Quotation from Adam Smith

In The Australian, Tim Soutphomassane, under the name, ‘The Philosopher’ asks:

Should we donate more to earthquake victims?”

But first, my thanks to Brad Delong, the doyen among economics bloggers, for pointing his readers to Lost Legacy.

To succeed in countering the many errors and alien beliefs about Adam Smith that circulate among economists, including those at the very top of the profession who publish regularly in the media, as well as in refereed journals, Lost Legacy needs all the positive publicity it can attract.

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Blogger Michael Kruse said...

This is not related to this post but I thought you might be interested to know of a book coming out this fall called Adam Smith as Theologian by Routledge Press. Doesn't come out til November but thought I would note it while I'm thinking about it. I'd love to read your review of it someday.

3:20 am  
Blogger Gavin Kennedy said...


See Wednesday's post (your comment 'disappeared').

Thanks for the comment - have you see my paper, The Hidden Adam Smith in his Alleged Theology'?


1:48 pm  

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