Monday, January 11, 2010

Announcement X

I saw two comments, one from Entech and one from Nick Gruen, which 'disappeared' and I would apreciate if they were reposted either on the Blog or via my email (gavin At negweb doT com).

The reaons for these losses are obscure.




Blogger Nicholas Gruen said...

I made a comment similar to this on the last post.

"Emma Rothschild's 'Economic Sentimets' had a great chapter dealing with the way in which Smith's TMS and WN were reinterpreted in the 1790s immediately after his death embracing the free trade aspect of his work and underplaying the extent to which he'd habitually taken the side of the poor and the weak."

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Blogger Gavin Kennedy said...


Emmma's work is most instuctive.

The role of his friend' son, Dugald Stewart (Prof of Maths -"inheriting" his father's chair- and then Moral Philosophy, taking in political economy) was quite decisive in cooling the judiciary, whose paranoia at events in France led them to see 'subversion' everywhere, even in Adam Smith's books.

Burke began to distance himself from Smith in public too.

The revisionism that charactersied the 19-21st century, began in the early 1800s ( William Playfair's edited edition of Wealth Of Nations is a particular example).



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