Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Announcement VIII

By separate post I received a suggestion from someone who signed off as “a very interested reader”:

Could you please consider putting an FAQ page that summarizes your main views about Adam Smith's ideas and the common myths that you want to dispel?”

I asked what did he/she mean – perhaps an example?:

He/she has suggested the following:


- What did Adam Smith mean by the invisible hand?

- What are common misconceptions, misinterpretations or misuses of that phrase? of his ideas in general?

- What are common criticisms toward your views on Adam Smith? What are your rebuttals to those criticisms?”

I have discussed the technical details of having a separate page on Lost Legacy for an FAQ feature and it is possible, as long as I don’t want it done before New Year.

However, it can be done from when I return from a visit to Australia (February 2010) and I have arranged for the FAQ feature to be added to Lost Legacy at that time.

Meanwhile, over the seasonal holidays I shall try out some FAQ-type posts on the main Blog addressing questions like those above. From my experience of FAQs at my old Business-School day job, over time the FAQs add up to a lengthy text (longer than the course text itself). Perhaps I can make entry-level text out of this venture?


PS: thanks to the unknown "very interested reader" who made the contructive suggestion this month.

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Blogger Tom Hickey said...

Gavin, I second the motion. It would be very useful.

Searching through blog entries for information is cumbersome at best. It would be very helpful to have an entry level venue for this information, which could obviously lead to a paper and then a book.

I find that the web site site format is more appropriate than a blog FAQ for something of this scope and importance. Links to previous blog entries could provide the content, and a simple site format with appropriate navigation is the best way to organize this information with hyperlinks.

I think that this would be of great service if you can get to it. There is a need. I have been recommending this approach on other blogs, too. There's a lot of valuable information being put up, but too often it gets lost in the blogosphere unless it is presented separately in an organized fashion "for posterity."

5:38 pm  
Blogger Gavin Kennedy said...


My IT expert - my daughter - is to set something up after the seasonal holidays (and perhaps after I return from Australia in February), depending on how complicated it is.

It could be very useful for those regulars who have an interests in the content.


7:40 am  

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