Saturday, December 12, 2009

Announcement VII

I am on the 'home stretch' this weekend.

The house is almost fully cleared of stuff ('not taking' to the new house) and almost fully packed, boxed and ready for the uplift of the rest to storage on Monday, 14th December.

This means I can get back to my pressing tasks thereafter, which now include 86 MSc exam papers on "Strategic Negotiation" and "Influence". I shall, over the seasonal holiday also complete my response to Dan Klein's excellent paper, my other paper on the post-1950s unnecessary myth of the "invisible hand" among modern economists in support of the "triumph" of general equilibrium theory, with a side-swipe politically as evidence of the (obvious) superiority of markets over Soviet state planning during the (necessary) Cold War.

Most importantly, I can return to serious Blogging "LostLegacy" ...

However, this is Saturday and its back to the old house to finalise what has been intensive and hard work. Roll on the 14th.



Despite my unavoidably light posting for many weeks, I am thankful for readers of Lost Legacy for visiting us so regularly.

Unique Visitors has only dropped slightly but still remains above 5,000 a week and Page Reviews have remained above 30,000.

Many thanks for your confidence and encouragement.

It won’t be long now – from Monday 14th when the movers clear the house and then from Friday 18th when we hand over the keys for the cash.

I should be back to normal before the former day-job’s ‘holidays’, at least until 4 February (when we take over the new house), and definitely when I return from Australia around the 21st and we have successfully moved in (fingers' crossed).



Blogger entech said...

"Despite my unavoidably light posting for many weeks, I am thankful for readers of Lost Legacy for visiting us so regularly."
The interest remains as high as the quality of your writing. You also give good pointers to other sites, I have become a regular reader of Lorenzo you mention in your "An Impressive Case for Moral Commerce" - I sometimes have a problem keeping up with his output and I am just reading it.

I am looking forward to your thoughts on the central location of the "Invisible Hand" in Dan Klein's paper, I do hope the evidence is based upon more than Smith's discussion of a literary device used in ancient Greece.
Where can I read a Mr.Klein's paper?

12:58 am  
Blogger Gavin Kennedy said...


In extreme haste (6.00 am, the move starts in one hour:

For Daniel's paper see:


5:52 am  

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