Sunday, December 20, 2009

Announcement IX

First and second of three moves completed.

From now to end of January, when we prepare for our third move in February into our new home, I have time for my passion of Adam Smith’s Lost Legacy and related subjects.

On that agenda are these three main projects:

1 A considered response (Draft title: “The Unimportance of Muddle”) to the brilliant detective work of Dan Klein and Brandon Lucas in their most welcome paper, “In an Word or Two, Placed in the Middle: The Invisible Hand in Smith’s Tomes” – already underway.

2 A review and discussion of Milgate and Stimson’sAfter Adam Smith: a century of transformation in Politics and Political Economy” (Princeton University Press). I shall tackle this book a chapter at a time, with the first chapter posted here before Christmas Day.

3 A new paper on the (provisional title) “The Modern Myths Among Modern Economists of the Invisible Hand From the 1930s” which I hope to present (if accepted, of course) at the Summer School for the Preservation of the History of Economics Thought at University of Richmond, VA, June, 2010.

Plus, of course, the resumption normal daily service of the Lost Legacy Blog.

Meanwhile, I am grading 103 post-graduate examination papers for my old day job (I have complete the first 31).




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