Monday, September 03, 2007

Markets as Best Listening Devices Invented by Humans

I have posted a couple of Nicholas Gruen’s excellent articles on aspects of Adam Smith on Lost Legacy, connected with English literature and Smith’s Moral Philosophy linked to Wealth Of Nations. They are above average for Blogland and way above average for many of the posts that cross my screen about Adam Smith.

Yesterday, Nick Gruen posted another one: 'The market in economic development:’the best listening device we have’, which can be found here.
It is an excellent case in a modern application of Smithian political economy.

Nick posts in an Australian Blog called Club Tropocano (don’t ask, ‘cos I don’t know what is means). I do know that it contains well-written pieces. All readers of Lost Legacy should read Nick's short piece to get feel for the relevance of Smithian ideas today, especially in development questions as countries trying to get on a growth trajectory face much the kind of problems that Smith addressed in Wealth Of Nations in reference to his critique of mercantile political economy (which was NOT purely about obsessions with accumulating gold).

Read Nick Gruen now at:
and let me know what you think of his idea.


Blogger Jacques Chester said...

Just a nitpick: the site is actually called "Club Troppo". The origin of the name is slightly complicated, but ultimately it boils down to founding member Ken Parish living in subtropical Australia.

3:42 pm  
Blogger Gavin Kennedy said...

I stand corrected, of course. It's a bloody good read what ever it is called.

6:35 pm  
Blogger Jacques Chester said...

Yeah, Ken Parish has managed to gather together some pretty stellar talent over the years. Nick Gruen is a good example.

9:29 am  

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