Thursday, August 30, 2007

Next Installment on Greg Clark's 'Farewell to Alms' on 4 September

There’s an interesting discussion, ‘10 Questions for Greg Clark’ (31 August), here, which you should read.

It makes a lot more sense that just reading to page 189 of what his research is showing. For those of us following the on-line debate on Marginal Revolution (here)

Part III will commence on Tuesday 4 September, covering pages 193-272 of Gregory Clark’sA Farewell to Alms’ (Princeton University Press).

It is a most impressive read and he presents the data in a clear manner. The way we are be asked to read it by Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution, with the self-denying ordinance not to read ahead of the debate, makes it like a detective story, in that we do not know where Greg Clark is taking us in his avalanche of ideas, some of which cause fluttering in the towers where economists (mainly of the neoclassical variety) reside.

It’s well worth your time for visits and so is your purchase of Greg’s book.


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