Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Slight Interruption to Lost Legacy

Apologies for litle blogging since Saturday but I have been in transit once again to France and the usual teething problems were endured while re-connecting to the web French Wanadoo and Orange as getting better) and while doing domestic chores to make the house habitable. Fortunately family were here earlier and the place was spotless.

However, I am now up and running, and I start with a posted contribution to the Tyler Cowen organised debate on Marginal Revolution (www.marginarevolution.com) of Gregory Clark's new book, Farewell to Alms, published this month. Have a look at the second instalment of the debate (the first had 58 comments!) by going to MR and scrolling down the page a fair way.

I shall add to my initial comments, perhaps. I shall also probably expand on mine on Lost Legacy too where there are important ideas in contention.


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