Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good News and Bad News: light blogging...

I am light blogging today and probably tomorrow due to having completed the manuscript for my new book: "Adam Smith: the moral philosopher and his political economy" (working title) and which I am now preparing to file electronically for the publisher, Palgrave Macmillan.

It now goes off to the publisher and to the general editor of 'Great Thinkers in Economics', an ambitious 28-volume series, to be published in 2008. If it passes the editorial test, the referees' test, and the publisher's test, that gets me to the copy editor's query-test, and then sometime later, to proofs and publication. But don't let's run ahead; these tests are not formalities. I'm about 20,000 words over the maximum if they accept it (and 128,000 words over if they don't!).

However, after three years, almost fulltime research and writing (with Lost Legacy filling gaps for relaxation), I am within hours of compiling the separate chapter files into one and pressing 'send'. I am nervous, of course. I printed off two copies today (528 pages @ 128,000 words) and I keep looking through random pages, just in case I have missed something. Daft, I know, but after over 20 books, this is still the most difficult time for an author, or at least this one.

On Saturday, I am off to our French home for six weeks (apologies) and another couple of days out of Blogland while travelling and getting reconnected to the net via Wanadoo-Orange in rural France, not exactly broadband most hours of the day.

Hope to be back on line after the weekend, but I also hope to post on Lost Legacy no later than Thursday of this week.


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