Wednesday, August 15, 2007

An 'Invisible Foot' Last Week: This Week and 'Invisible Economic Hand'

In the “Against Hilary” Blog, here:
we receive another example of the inane use of Adam Smith’s name in a squalid attempt to spice up the message.

It appears under the unpromising title of: ‘The Price of Hilary Clinton’s Healthcare Plan? Invisible’ by Amanda Carpenter.

Amanda quotes and coments, she claims, from a speech of Senator Clinton’s:

I would be a steady, sensible hand in the economy, in the White House,” she said on a CNBC television program last week. In other words, if elected president in 2008, it would be Clinton’s “sensible” hand guiding the market, not Adam Smith’s invisible, economic hand.”

This is going to get tiresome before long. I have nothing other than neutrality in who becomes President, or who is President of the United States. That’s the proper business of the good folk in the USA.

Whoever started the nonsense about Adam Smith and his alleged ‘invisible hand’ (not supported by what Smith wrote) they have a lot to answer for.


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