Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Loony Tunes no 75

Bottom line, the invisible hand is fading pessimism (accumulating gold) as the window of opportunity to push price lower closes. HERE 
Timothy Pricket Morgan writes in The Register HERE 
Economic engine to be applied to networks, storage, and public clouds’: “But VMTurbo wants to get humans out of the way and automate the allocation of resources using the "invisible hand" of market economics - pushing the admins out of the loop.”
Smacked by the invisible hand: the wrong debate at the wrong time with the wrong people
Daniel Laitsch in a professional journal  Journal of Curriculum Studies Volume 45, Issue 1, 2013: Special Issue: “The End of Schooling as We Know it? HERE 
Iggy Pop-Barker reports HERE 
“Adam Smith Institute competes against itself
Free market think-tank the Adam Smith Institute has been split into a dozen competing Adam Smith Institutes as a result of a ruling by the Competition Commission which found that the Institute, as the only one with that name, was exercising an anti-competitive monopoly.
A Commission spokesperson said: ‘We believe in giving consumers a wide range of choices when it comes to reports advocating free market solutions to social and political problems. In fact we were disappointed that the Institute had not realised this contradiction itself. We have therefore acted to break it up so that now every researcher is his or her own Adam Smith Institute. They will all be able to produce competing reports and consumers will be able to pick the ones whose conclusions they like best.’
The issue may not yet be over. Peter Forbes, CEO of Adam Smith Institute No.5, has applied to the Competition Commission to rule that it has acted anti-competitively by being the only Competition Commission.”


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