Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Adam Smith as Theologian

Michael Kruse sent a comment to Lost Legacy but it has 'disappeared', once again. He referred to the publication by Routledge of papers from the conference sponsored by the Templeton Foundation on "Adam Smith as Theologian", which are edited by Paul Oslongton.

The upshot is that Michael looks forward to my review of the papers. As is, I intend to do that, having read some of the papers from the conference, and corresponded with the authors.

At present I am editing my own paper (not part of the conference!), The Hidden Adam Smith in his Alleged Theology, in response to anonymous referees with a view to it being published in a journal (details later if and when it is accepted).

I am also presenting this paper to a seminar chaired by Paul Oslington at the Catholic University of Australia on 10th February in Sydney at 1 - 2.30.

I should make clear that Paul does not agree with my hypothesis. That, of course, is how knowledge improves.



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