Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is Adam Smith 'Disproved' by Ants?

Mark Thoma posts a most interesting article that debates the generality of Adam Smith’s famous opening chapter of Wealth Of Nations on the division of labour. It is prompted by an article on a study of the behaviours of rock ants, which asks: are ants more productive from specialisation?

The report of the research is published too in the New York Times (20 November) with the somewhat extravagant headline, “Adam Smith, Disproved” by HERE by Catherine Rampell. The research was undertaken by Anna Dornhaus: “Specialization Does Not Predict Individual Efficiency in an Ant” (HERE):

It’s worth a look over. Read Chapter 1 of Wealth Of Nations first and then read the research. What do you think? The comments to Mark Thoma's post are also worth reading (selectively, at least).



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