Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gordon Brown is no Adam Smith

James Cusick writes in the Sunday Herald (HERE)

Gospel of Adam Smith may not be enough for Brown”

“IF GORDON Brown had been looking for a personal anthem that could have been played as he entered the G20 summit in Washington yesterday, he needn't have searched further than the song by the reggae singer Shaggy - It Wasn't Me.
Who insisted he'd ended boom and bust? It wasn't me. The chancellor during a decade of growth and nothing saved for the downturn? Wasn't me. Who put in place a system of financial policing which failed at the first crisis? It wasn't me.
Instead, with Brown increasingly seeing himself as the hybrid heir to John Keynes and Franklin Roosevelt all rolled into a "global saviour for a global era", perhaps Sinatra's My Way, played throughout the entire Washington gathering, would have been equally fitting

Well said. Read the whole article HERE.

When putting out a raging fire it may not be the best idea to call on the services of the fire-raiser whose behaviour before the fire ensured that it would burn more intensely.



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