Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Absence from Thursday to Sunday While In Rome

I am preparing for my visit to the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy conference at the University of Rome Tre, which commences on Thursday, where I shall present my paper, ”The Pre-History of Bargaining: a multi-discipline approach (part1)” which you can download from Lost Legacy by clicking on the notice (in red) on the Home page.

Like many academic conferences today (though not the History of Economic Thought annual conference), the EAEPE conference provides very little time (under 30 minutes) to present one’s paper, including time for any comments and questions, plus there are eight simultaneous streams under way through each of three x 2-hour sessions per day, providing much competition for audiences.

Well, at least there is a chair person in attendance, so EAEPE guarantees at least one academic to hear the presentation! Nevertheless, the opportunity to present a paper is not to be missed and I am grateful to the EAEPE organisers for accepting my late(ish) submission. The Conference website by the way is: http://eaepe2008.eco.uniroma3.it

It is the first airing of my paper (I hope the present part 2 elsewhere, or perhaps both together, should an opportunity arise to do so).

Should any readers of my downloadable paper wish to receive a copy of my 8-slide PowerPoint presentation for EAEPE I would be delighted to send it to you. (simply mail me at gavinAT negweb DOT com). Any feedback offered, critical or otherwise, would also be a pleasure to read.

My absence in Rome necessitates that my posting on Lost Legacy is curbed from Thursday to Sunday, perhaps even Monday too, as I return to Edinburgh on Sunday evening to attend my daughter’s birthday party (always a major family event). If I find an Internet café, or if I can work my new Apple i-phone, I might be able to post!



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