Monday, November 03, 2008

New Blog Roll Pending

I am in the process of revising Lost Legacy's Blog Roll (the list on the lefthand column headed 'other sites to visit'), which should appear later this week.

Some of the original sites of 2005 have ceased operating, among them Sandra Peart and David Levy's site, 'Adam Smith Lives!', the demise of which is much regretted. Others ceased to have much meaning for me or readers here.

I have added some new ones, which I have found myself reading this year. Appearing on the Lost Legacy Blog roll is not necessarily an endorsement of their content. I read many things with which I disagree; the criterion is: are they well written when expressing interesting views contrary to mine (for example, the quasi-Marxist 'Stumbling and Mumbling' or views with which I do not quiet agree, such, as the Friedmanite 'Streetwise Professor?', and a couple with which I find myself in agreement most times, such as the inestimable, "Economists' View" from Mark Thoma or "Economics and Liberty".

I would have included a lively Scottish site that appeared about a year ago but its author has recently taken a 'sabbatical', 'Adam Smith was a Socialist', written by a young SNP activist; not that it said much about his highly contentious thesis title, but it was a readable insight into the ground-based politics of a segment of the Scottish population.

If any reader has suggestions of a Blog they think would interest Lost Legacy readers, let me know quickly as I can still include good suggestions.



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