Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Call for Help

Anybody help me read this article in the WSJ?

A tantalising extract from an article in today's Wall Street Journal is blocked by subscription and I wonder if any reader has access to it who can send it to me?

"Capitalist Heroes
Wall Street Journal - USA
... in the 18th century by Adam Ferguson and Adam Smith: how private vice can produce public good, how the pursuit of self-interest yields benefits for all. ...
See all stories on this topic"

The statement that follows Adam Smith's name is not anything that he subscribed to. It appears to be a statement from Bernard Mandeville's 'Fable of the Bees', which is often wrongly attributed to Adam Smith by the usual coterie of misquoters, under the influence of the Chicago version of Adam Smith, a hologram with no connection to the Adam Smith born in Kirkcaldy.

I would appreciate any help for comment on Lost Legacy.

Send a copy to gavin at negweb dot com




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