Sunday, October 07, 2007

Are Lists Worth the The Ego That Feeds Them?

CurrencyTrading.Net is running a list: ‘Top 100 Academic Blogs Every Professional Investor Should Read’ compiled by Jessica Hupp (here)

Lost Legacy has been placed at: ‘67’ and is described as: ‘Adam Smith’s Lost Legacy: This blog discusses the legacy of Scottish political economist Adam Smith’.

Lists are nothing much to shout about or to be taken too seriously.

One thing struck me was that Lost Legacy may not do enough discussing of ‘Adam Smith’s legacy’, and too much of the misuse of it that is common in world media, campuses, journal articles and textbooks.

I think it may be useful for me to increase the quota of Adam Smith’s ideas as he wrote them and I shall be increasing this area much more for a while to see how readers react. For the record, I am indifferent to my position on a list.


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