Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Lesson From Evidence

The Political Economy of Love and the Eradication of Extreme Poverty in the World’ in ‘media for freedom’ by Dr Zeki Ergas ~ STWR Member (‘Share the World’s Resources’) here:

Adam Smith invented the ‘division of labour’ and argued famously – in the Wealth of Nations -- that if individuals are allowed to pursue their selfish interests, society as a whole will benefit.’


Wrong on two accounts:

Adam Smith:

● did not ‘invent’ the division of labour;
● did not argue for anybody pursuing their ‘selfish interests’.

Apart from these basic errors, the rest of Dr Zeki Ergas’s article is an ultra-ambitious programme to change the world from top to bottom.

One could observe that countries that establlish trustworthy governments, free their people to excerise their natural rights, and follow Adam Smith's precepts - his actual precepts and not false ones as quoted above - do much better than other countries that don't.


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