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Loony Tunes no. 126
Danny Allen posts (10 January) on HERE 
“How to Delete InvisibleHand From Computer? (Removal Guide)”
“When InvisibleHand ads showup on your PC, will you be curious that what it is? Most of us will take it normal as it contains an updated link same as many other system report. Therefore, we prone to click it to update directly since it is complicated to turn to official sites. But just for a while, you will pay back for this laziness.
InvisibleHand belongs to adware infection dropped by freeware and spam email. As we all know, adware is kind of malware and it is notorious for its ads displaying function. It is able to infect all kinds of browsers, and enable ads on the browsers. In most of the cases, these ads are fabricated with the information that it steals from your online activities. It is inevitable for innocent users to click these ads.”
For believers in “invisible hands” (most modern economists) this is a timely warning. That this malware is so pevalent is the fault of all those perpetrators of the libel on Adam Smith that exploded across the profession after Paul Samuelson’s invented 1948 story about Adam Smith supposedly saying that “selfish acts” can lead to public benefits. 
Sadly it was a load of tosh. As is the above computer programme. See: Kennedy, G. 2011: "Paul Samuelson and the Invention of the Modern Economics of the Invisible Hand", History of Economic Ideas, XVIII, (3) 105-19. 
Avi Lank posts (13 January) HERE  on BBC World Service:
“Essay: What Is it Worth?”
In the global oil market, with plenty of sellers and lots of buyers, the invisible hand of Adam Smith’s capitalist system has spoken”. 
Comment: Now it is a speaking invisible hand! 
Karl Strom posts (26 Jan) on The Hearing Review HERE 
The re-examination of a heretofore unenforced regulation like the FDA’s Draft Guidance on PSAPs, continued introduction and encouragement of lower-priced hearing aids, and even a limited OTC/DTC hearing aid class are good things for consumers. However, it should also be pointed out that Figures 1 and 2 don’t portray an industry that is stagnant or broken. Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” is already yielding positive pressure in terms of affordability and accessibility—and challenging economic weight on independent practices. If the FDA does decide to make regulatory changes, it must act carefully and not apply pressure that would ultimately crush professional hearing care.

Comment: Does it hear as well?


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