Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Loony Tunes no. 125

Connie Wang posts (17 December) HERE 
How To Keep Your Skirt From Twisting Around /
Riding Up / Ruining Your Life”
“A skirt that does not stay in place is a skirt that is not worth wearing. You've seen that girl — you've been that girl — who has the world's cutest A-line mini on, and the row of center buttons is definitely not in the center. It's as if those skirts were haunted by a ghost that just doesn't want you to have a good time; the invisible hand spins them around as soon as you drop your guard.” 
Craig Lager posts in PC Gamer HERE 
Dirt Rally Review
“With all assists off, an invisible hand will still gently help keep the rear end of your car in check. The in-car wheel is locked to 180°”
James Bartholemew posts (28 December) HERE 
"Oh, Adam Smith, thou shouldst be living at this hour! Another breakthrough has been made by that “invisible hand” you wrote about. Businessmen and women whose only thoughts have been profit and self-advancement have, without consciously intending it, bestowed a great blessing on humanity. Chocolate is going to become available to millions of people in hot countries around the world."


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