Monday, January 13, 2014

All Title and No Content

Petrarch posts in Scragged (13 January) HERE  “an article where the content of the article is not explained in the content despite stating the heading twice:
“The Invisible Hand and Our Jobless Recovery”
“Why there aren't any jobs, and won't be” and” “Where the Invisible Hand Fails”.
Judging by the political slant, “Scragged” disapproves of President Obama, of which I have no comments (in line with my self-denying ordinance against of only commenting on the politics of the country where I live and vote, Scotland).
However, I am interested in the arrogant presumption of Petrarch who assumes that readers will know to what he/she refers means by the “invisible hand” and how relevant that idea is the argument.
Without being explicit about what has “failed” and “why”, it is hard to make a judgment about the content of the article.


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