Saturday, May 18, 2013

En Route to La Belle France Today

I am travelling towards Bergerac, France this early afternoon for a week's break.  I hope to be connected via wifi if the normally reliable France Telecon/Orange is working.  But if not, I shall have to await until Monday Plus for an engineer to arrive.  In that event, I shall ask a neighbour if I may borrow hers.
Hopefully, the weather is better than Scotland's just now.
I have an off-print of a article from Critical Sociology (2005) "The 'Invisible Hand': neoclassical economics and the ordering of society", A.F. Finlayson, T. A. Lyson, A. Pleasant, K. A. Schafft and R. J. Torres.  I do not remember the circumstances of my acquiring this paper but it was in my hand luggage bag when I  retrieved it from under the desk to pack my laptop.  I shall start reading it on the plane and see what it has to say - the abstract is provocative, but before commenting let's read the evidence for it first.   It could be used for a Lost Legacy comment on Monday after the usual chores of opening the house are completed to the satisfaction of the lady of the house.
I hear my son's voice speaking to said lady in the kitchen; he's taking us to the airport, so he has arrived in good time.  Our neighbour is picking us up at the other end - in our car. which she uses when we are away.  My son stays here when we are away, plus his lively cat.  The lady of the house filled the fridge and freezer for him for fortnight (I join him on my return next Saturday as I have to come back early).
Speak to you later (I hope).


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