Thursday, November 08, 2012

Apologies And An Explanation

I have not posted since the 4th not because I have nothing to say but because of the twin pressures of looming deadlines for scholarly work and an physio's advice to extend my daily exercise regime to combat fatigue and my continuing awkwardness in walking on my own.
On scholarly works I am due a book review of Eamonn Butler's new book on Hayek, incidentally a great read, authoritative, and refreshing,  due at the week-end.  I also have a chapter to complete for
 a new publication edited by Ryan Hanley on Adam Smith, which requires care in composition, dealing with several instances of how he is perceived - and misperceived - today, much how I compose posts on Lost Legacy, only tighter in construction, fully referenced and likely to pass scrutiny by the editor and the university publisher.  I also have some items to prepare for Edinburgh Business School (Heriot-Watt University) - I retired in 2005 but the Panmure House renovation project (Adam Smith's last residence still standing) occasions my advice on some matters.
Posts have suffered and, be sure, nobody is more concerned than I am.  This plus several private letters awaiting promised answers to their theses about Adam Smith, not for printing on the Blog, and I am somewhat overwhelmed.
I shall return just as soon as I can, hopefully after a few more days.
Any readers' comments will gladly be received for posting immediately in the meantime.


Blogger Willy B Good said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. This blog is a great anti-dote to the eyes-closed-fingers-in-ears "no government" blogs that are out there. While I consider myself libertarian-leaning, I do believe there are instances where some type of regulation may be in order. However most pro-regulation sites seem (to me) to be run by ultra environmental groups or people who lean heavily to the left. This blog by contrast is reasonable, thoughtful and respectful towards individuals who value liberty.



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