Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oh, Dear

SYED BAKHTIYAR KAZMI writes HERE in Business Recorder on The science of economics”  
Even under the free markets theory, if the invisible hand cannot be expected to be honest and unselfish, what exactly is the right amount of government regulation remains an unsolved riddle.”
How does a metaphor acquire a particular moral code and for what does it acquire one?  There is no entity inside a metaphor. The “unsolved riddle” is a figment of someone’s imagination, like fairies at the bottom of the garden.  How does economics deserve the attributes of being a “science” from being expressed by silly fantasies like this?


Blogger Gallows said...

So, Smith writes about ancient kings and their ministers,Yet, he titled his book "Wealth of Nations." All those 'ancient nations' back then...huh?

12:57 pm  

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