Thursday, September 27, 2012

Blowing One’s Own Trumpet?

My recent paper, for the 44th Annual Conference of the History of Economics at Keel University:
Kennedy, Gavin, Adam Smith and "The Myth of the Invisible Hand - A View from the Trenches" (September 6, 2012), has become, if only for a week or so (from past experience), in its Top Ten (free) downloads (99 searches, 32 downloads to date).
The full paper is available at Social Science Research Network (SSRN) HERE
It is not quite ‘viral’ yet (?), but it is moderately encouraging, given my inability to travel to Keele, due to a sudden hospitalisation.    
Visits to the Lost Legacy Blog have also slightly increased.  Again, also not yet a stampede. 
So I shall keep a sense of decorum.  But it is encouraging, nevertheless, as are the emails from readers who asked me for copies before it appeared on SSRN.
So, yes, I am blowing my own trumpet (a metaphor: I, er, don’t own a trumpet, but regular readers will know the proper role of metaphors from Adam Smith’s legacy, to describe in a “more striking and interesting manner” its “object” in Smith, Lectures On Rhetoric and Belles Letters, 1763, page 29).


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