Friday, August 31, 2012

News About Panmure House

Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, has announced that there is now a total of 17 Nobel Laureates in Economic Science who have lent their support to the Panmure House campaign.
Their enthusiasm for this great project is a vivid demonstration of the value of Adam Smith’s insights
across the world. These Laureates are:
• Prof Dale T Mortensen, Northwestern University
• Prof Christopher A Pissarides, London School of Economics
• Prof Oliver E Williamson, California – Berkeley
• Prof Eric S Maskin, Harvard University
• Prof Edmund S Phelps, Columbia University
• Prof Finn E Kydland, University of California – Santa Barbara
• Prof Edward C Prescott, Arizona State University
• Prof Vernon L Smith, Chapman University
• Prof Amartya Sen, Harvard University
• Prof Sir James A Mirrlees, University of Cambridge
• Prof Robert M Solow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
• Prof Robert C Merton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
• Prof Myron S Scholes, Stanford Graduate School ofBusiness
• Prof Robert E Lucas Jr, University of Chicago
• Prof A Michael Spence, New York University
• Prof Roger B Myerson, University of Chicago
• Prof Gary S Becker, University ofChicago
I am pleased that the restoration of Panmure House in Edinburgh, Adam Smith’s home from 1778-1790,  which he shared with his Mother, Margaret Douglas Smith and his cousin, Janet Douglas, is making progress, at last.


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