Friday, October 14, 2011

Looney Tunes no. 3

'Invisible Hand' Playing With Sectarian Fire, Inter Press Service:

An invisible hand is seen funding "counter-revolutionary" political groups, dispatching armed thugs to disrupt peaceful demonstrations, and infiltrating protests to direct them towards violent or destructive ends.”

Annaly Capital Management Releases Market Commentary for the Third Quarter 2011 MarketWatch (press release):

There are examples large and small of how the invisible hand of economic activity is now firmly attached to the arm of an official policymaker of one kind or another.

William Gensert writes “A Disastrous Presidency” in American Thinker:

“With the government picking winners and losers, we have replaced Adam Smith's invisible hand with Barack Obama's thumb.”

The Post-Solyndra Tug of War | Sustainability Articles | Green News ... By Troy Ault:

And sooner or later that invisible hand is going smack us back to reality when we try to falsely augment our competitiveness in Tom Friedman's flat world.”

Vice's Grown-Up Upfront New York Observer:

That the market's invisible hand is also its masturbating one is a common enough strain in new media theory.”



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