Friday, October 07, 2011

Looney Tunes* no 2

1 'Beware false sightings of Adam Smith's invisible hand'|

Phillip Inman: The Big Ideas: Crude interpretations of the economist's ideas are popular (HERE):

2 'How to generate shortages in a world of plenty’

'Don't look now, but in the world of drug distribution someone amputated the invisible hand.' Forbes (October)

3 'The “invisible hand” of capitalism may be showing Occupy Wall Street protesters its middle finger'. HERE

4 'The Invisible Hand is Made of Delicious Invisible Meat'
September 30 by Donald Marron HERE:

5 “Whenever someone talks to me about the invisible hand of the market, as soon as I point out that the invisible hand seems to really like sex and drugs, they get upset with me.”
Chris Doggett, commenting on ‘slacktivist’, 30 September (HERE)

(*) An irregular and irreverent series of nonsense about the invisible hand in today's media.



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