Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Announcement XII

I have been unable to post since Sunday due to a sudden heavy cold/cough episode, which tied me close to my bed until today (Wednesday).

This has knocked my schedule out completely, as a) we get entry to our new house Thursday (Tomorrow) and there is much to do arranging the administration of the first part of our move; b) I am flying to Australia on Saturday and there is also ultra much to do; c) my intended academic work intruded upon. I was meant to be finishing a couple of papers (one: my response to the brilliant new paper by Daniel Klein and Brandon Lucas, which I wanted them to have before I went to Australia; two: my re-drafted paper on "The Hidden Adam Smith in his Alleged Theology", which I shall send off this evening.

Apologies, but this has squeezed out Lost Legacy. Those who know me will know how difficult it has been to focus on the main, delayed, tasks.

I shall be in Australia until 22 Feb (not a good domestic move, two days after we move in!).

I shall post before I go (and during my visit).




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