Friday, January 29, 2010

Paper on Adam Smith's Alleged Religious Beliefs

My paper on the alleged religiosity of Adam Smith – admittedly, those who assert that he was religious in some way, are in a majority at present – is now available from the Social Science Research Network:

Kennedy, Gavin, The Hidden Adam Smith in His Alleged Theology (December 16, 2009).

Available at SSRN:

I have received some very helpful comments on it from readers and from two anonymous referees, and one of my next tasks is to complete the revision of the paper – shortening it for example – but also re-casting some of my statements to take account of reader’s comments and my re-thinking since I presented it at the History of Economic Thought Annual Conference meeting at the University of Colorado, Denver in June 2009.

[In Australia on 10 February (13:00-15:00), I am to present the paper to an academic audience at the Australian Catholic University, School of Arts and Sciences Research Seminar Series 2010, Sydney, and on 11 February I am participating on an early evening panel to discuss, “Reconciling God and mammon: Adam Smith and How Religion Shaped his Ideas”.]



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