Friday, May 22, 2009

En Route to Edinburgh 23 May

I am travelling back to Edinburgh Saturday, two weeks earlier than planned, for family reasons.

I shall be out of contact until I boot the PC sometime Saturday afternoon.

Today - when not assembling my luggage - I was check through my Paper, Adam Smith's Religiosity: a review of the evidence', for the History of Economics Conference in Denver, Colorado in June.

It's always a nervous time: what have I forgotten? Where are there gaps in the case, incomplete references in the end notes, and bad grammar?

The paper is already too long (42 pages) and that's after heavy editing. I only review the evidence in Moral Sentiments and Astronomy, without assessing the debate in recent literature. This material shall be covered in a second paper, which already promises to be a long one, and to which some excellent papers are available from what I have read for the first paper. Nothing I have read so far undermines by basic hypothesis from my review of the evidence.

Once my paper is uploaded to the conference website, I shall make The Paper available to Lost Legacy for those readers who may be interested.



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