Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Adam Smith's Edinburgh

Ever wondered about Adam Smith’s Edinburgh and his grave headstone? If so, head over to skeptic lawyer’s piece plus its photographs here.

They are very good photgraphs and so is the author’s narrative, with the comments on the ‘City Fathers’ (inheritors of the old corporations who rule the roost over graveyard monuments, even discouraging visitors with money from offering to pay to clean up the site!).

News that Smith’s statue is ready for placement is most welcome (I have seen photos of it – it looks great, though I am not sure about his facial ‘likeness’ yet, until I see it up close). This magnificent project, the initiative of the incomparable Adam Smith Institute, and funded entirely by private subscription, is to be placed sometime soon.

Hope you can make the event when dates are announced. Eamonn Butler, Director of ASI, says he hopes there will be an internaitonal symosium/conference arranged (I see the Cato Institute is floated as a possible sponsor).


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