Monday, November 06, 2017


Writing and preparing my manuscript for my 'Authentic Account of Adam Smith' has brought to my attention the new world of modern publishing.
After 25 books since my graduation everything has changed and my first book, The Military in the Third World (Duckworth).
No more writing a book and sending its manuscript to a publisher and sitting back, awaiting the proofs for final correction and leaving the rest to the publisher, who arranged the printing, binding and delivery of finished books to the market.
Now the finished electronic book is sent back to the writer for final corrections and then sent back to the publisher for final production.
Sounds simple. 
A giant leap forward to the new technology.
Published books, from single copies, to large print runs all to order.
No more warehouses full on unsold books. Electronic storage only of the master copy.  Books sold per copy, all published and printed to order, or sent as single electronic copies - even single chapters - to cash supported orders.
I had no idea of what I was taking on when I agreed to the contract terms this time round.
Well, my final electronic manuscript is with the publisher's printer. I await the final verdict.
I expect more work to be required.
In the meantime, Lost Legacy Blog will resumed its commentary on passing events associated with the historic Adam Smith and his modern scholars. 


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