Monday, January 07, 2013

Loony Tunes no 73

 Cue the Invisible Hand of Capitalism!”
Km Traynor writes Cryptic Philosopher HERE 
Perhaps this is the Invisible Hand at work. If we remove the ability of consumers to park downtown, then the Invisible Hand will create a shiny, efficient transportation system to get people to and fro. I hope the mayor has an Adam Smith Signal, because we need to light that thing up!” (Complete with a photo of Adam Smith’s statue beside Edinburgh’s St Giles Cathedral!)
[GK: Traynor in Dreamland! Poetry not economics, and not Adam Smith]
“Invest With The Invisible Hand
Eric de Groot writes Eric De Groot’s Insights HERE
Buying physical gold/silver at the bottom of the D-wave with the invisible hand is called investing.  Trading paper gold/silver against the actions of the invisible hand is called investment suicide. ABCD waves are defined by time and leveraged money flows.  Until a B-wave signal is generated, silver and gold remain in the violent churn of the A-wave.  The time between A- and B-wave demands patience and cautious leveraged participation. Gold and silver are building cause for another C-wave rally.  The cause building phase ends when time and money flows align. Good luck, Eric”
[GK: Surely the invisible hand is a certain bet?  If it isn’t then what is the point of believing in an invisible hand?]
Eric de Groot writes HERE 
 “The Public Does Not Think Like The Invisible Hand”
"Doubts about QE" provide a convenient excuse to send gold down the elevator shaft of fear
[GK: an IH that thinks too!]


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