Friday, May 21, 2010

Not Everything Written About Adam Smith is True

Derrick Bova reviews a book HERE:
(21 May)

‘Ideology: A Very Short Introduction’

‘The one area that Freeden has limited his definition is in wanting to keep ideology strictly in the political realm. He makes a reasonable case for this, but then again, that leaves no word to describe the post-1980 American fascination with the “invisible hand” of the free market. For instance: given that the free market can solve all problems, but the free market has no way to deal with global warming, then, ergo, global warming must not be a problem. I would label dogmatic economic beliefs like this an ideology, but Freeden probably wouldn’t, even with his much looser definition of ideology.’

See where crude mythology get economics? All avoidable if only the progenitors of the myth had read Adam Smith carefully; after all, its only one sentence in Wealth Of Nations using a metaphor to summarise the previous 8 paragraphs. Not exactly an onerous task!

Downlod and read my paper HERE:

"The Centrality of the Invisible Hand in Smith’s Books: Using a Metaphor as an Antidote to 'Tiresome' and 'Less Pleasant' Narrative Styles"

From the Social Science Research Network and listed this week by SSRN among the Top 10 downloads.



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