Friday, March 26, 2010

New Smithian Classic Published

I have just received a newly published copy of the Theory of Moral Sentiments by Adam Smith, 6th edition, 1990.

What you may ask is so remarkable about that?

This edition is published by Penguin Classics ($17 US and £10.99 UK) well within most student budgets. It is introduced by Amartya Sen in a typically erudite and relevant manner (for 'old hands' and beginners) and it edited by Ryan Hanley, as good as it gets in a modern Smithian scholar, who know Moral Sentiments inside-out and back-to-front.

I've heard Ryan twice now at seminars on Moral Sentiments and came away from both both educated and astonished at his insight (his End Note are a treasure chest in their own right.

Whoever thought of giving cameo/bio notes on everybody mentioned in Smith's text is a publishing genius. They bring the text to life.

I recommend readers to purchase a copy - I have absolutely no personal interest to declare! - because it lifts Smithian scholarship, and old and new readers, to a new level.

The Penguin edition 2-volume of Wealth Of Nations, edited and introduced by Andrew Skinner is also exceptionally good quality.

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Blogger Gevin Shaw said...

On Against the Grain, Amartya Sen looks at the elimination of injustice as an alternative to the social contract as a basis for social justice. In the course of the conversation, he briefly talks about Adam Smith's place in this discussion.

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