Friday, November 20, 2009

Announcement V

Five Topics

1 First of three moves today (Move 1): Transferring basics and temporary office to my daughter's today and tomorrow (may work on-line between old home and my daughter's for a week or two). Hence, very busy with 1st move boxes and some furniture.

2 From the above event there may well be interruptions to Lost Legacy - please have patience.

Move 2 is when our old house is cleared into temporary storage on 14December (old house changes hands on 18 December).

Move 3 is from our temporary abode with my daughter (her second baby due - imminent this week!) of our furniture and my library from the storage people on 4 February to our new house, a couple of miles away.

3 The need to moderate comments continues - the Chinese spammers continue to make 'comments' (about what I do not know) in Chinese - but the Moderator system on Blogger is 'suspect'. I post to publish and they disappear!

Please could potential commentators post their comments via the email address at the top of the home page?

4 Work proceeds slowly on the 'metaphor in the middle' riddle but it is proceeding very slowly. This is most frustrating.

5 My review/discussion of Murray Wilgate and Shannon C. Stimson, After Adam Smith: a century of transformation in politics and political economy, 2009, Princeton University Press, is held up until at least 14 December, for which my deeply-felt apologies. It is worthy of notice by all Smithian scholars.

Thank you




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