Friday, August 14, 2009

Interruption to Posting

I am getting ready to return to France Saturday morning.

We came back to Edinburgh quickly when a memebr of the family had an appointment for treatment on the National Health Service, much in the news at the moment. The treatment over - so far the prospects are looking good and the scan proved negative, which is even better news - it's time to re-start our holiday.

I note the US media and blogland is enteratining some pretty ferocious propaganda against a possible 'free-at-the-point-of-service' of medical provision in the US. I am not inclined to comment on a country's domestic policies other than the country I vote in, so I have nothing to say about the US health debate.

I can only say that I have had occasion to use the British NHS on several occasions in the past few years and that wherever the much-touted problems with the NHS are happening, they are not happpening in Edinburgh. (I have also had occasion to 'go private' in Edinburgh and I have no complaints either.)

I simply do not recognise the lurid language spoken here and there by some politicians about the state of 'our' NHS. A cartoon of President Obama with a Hitler moustache is demeaning of the people who believe it appropriate.

Anyway, Lost Legacy posting will be limited until Saturday or Sunday, whichever moment I re-connect to the Internet from France.



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