Thursday, April 02, 2009

Adam Smith in Glasgow 09 - last afternnon.

Last afternoon of the Smith in Glasgow 09 conference and I have discovered this Internet cafe in Gibson Street just round the corner.... typical.

Amartya Sen is speaking this afternoon, which is most exciting. His speech has been trailed and it reads great-to-better.

I shall have much to speak about this evening; and read from what's been on the web about Adam Smith. Pleasureably, I have been surprised of the numbers whom I have spoken with at the conference of know of Lost Legacy - and that they seem favourable to what we are about is most encouraging.

There have been some great papers and subsequent debates.

Adam Smith's legacy is in better shape than I thought it was, at least among history of economics professionals


Blogger michael webster said...

Do post your thoughts about Sen's talk, and if the paper is public a link would be nice.

2:26 pm  
Blogger Gavin Kennedy said...


After a week low with a virus and then the absence for the conference, I have a load of chores, academic and domestic, to deal with.

I shall get to my conference report this week-end.

6:58 am  

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