Monday, December 08, 2008

Additional Service for Scholars at Lost legacy

I have acquired a copy of Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments [1759] 1872 edition published by Alex. Murray & Co, London, from Kessinger Publishing Rare Reprints in new condition. This was arranged through for less than $10; it arrived a week later.

The Kessinger reprint edition also contains all of Adam Smith’s Philosophical essays, first published posthumously in 1785, edited by Joseph Black and James Hutton (Smith’s close friends and his literary executors). Smith's "History of Astronomy" is exceptionally important because he began writing it while he was at Balliol College, Oxford (1740-46).

I shall, where possible, and time permits, add references from the 1872 edition of Moral Sentiments. This is to facilitate scholars and others who do not have copies of the Oxford University Press/Liberty Fund editions, or who wish to make quotations from Adam Smith’s works and correspondence for scholarly debate and illumination without incurring high permission fees from OUP for their editorial work on writings that have been in the public domain for over two-hundred years.


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