Friday, November 28, 2008

Two Excellent Adam Smith Institute Briefing Papers

For the best analysis and thoughtful proposals on the current financial crisis I recommend two briefing papers from the Adam Smith Institute (London):

The first analyses the financial crisis, its causes, the 'remedies' so far proposed, and its proposals HERE:

The second makes radical alternative suggestions for the government of Britain on how it could achieve so much more if it took remedial steps to immediately benefit average earning families and the very poorly paid by abolishing all taxes for the lower paid (earning under £12,000) and reducing taxes on average incomes by the knock on effects on tax allowances. This paper is HERE

Both ASI Briefing papers are welcome in the current mood of pessimism; the solution is actionable now by a government that claims to want to 'do the right thing'.

[Disclosure: I am a Fellow of the Adam Smith Institute)]



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