Thursday, October 16, 2008

What Are Students Learning?

A student writes in a Blog All Things Bright and Beautiful
an article (HERE):

Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, and Fannie Mae

"In 1776, the United States signed the Declaration of Independence, espousing the highest ideas for human freedom, for a government’s true role: to protect the rights of the citizens, and pledging the “lives…fortunes…and sacred honor” of it’s best citizens, the founders, to make it come true. That same year, Adam Smith published his master work: “The Wealth of Nations.” Coincidence? I don’t think so.
I’m in a class right now that is in the middle of exploring the implications of our economy on our freedom and vice versa. Adam Smith suggested an impractical economy with zero government involvement: the Free Market. We live (theoretically) under capitalism, which has a limited role for government, essentially to maintain a predictable environment that facilitates honest business transactions

What is being taught to the students at whatever institution they are in?

As it’s a student reporting on his/her class notes, I shall withhold the withering comments the piece deserves.


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