Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is Twice in a Week a Trend?

It’s nice to be quoted on other Blogs and this is happening more frequently lately two events are not yet a trend, but it's better than once a year!

Ben Cohen (the editor of posts on Huffington Post (23 October) HERE: a reference to Lost legacy in an article “Andrew Sullivan Hasn't Read Adam Smith

This quotes from my piece which takes note of my piece on Lost Legacy , “Speak Softly About Big Ideas”.


Blogger Tom W said...

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7:14 pm  
Blogger Tom W said...

Previous post had a silly error:

We can only hope that, as a result, traffic will increase to your wonderful and erudite blog.

P.S. I just picked up a copy of the Cannan edition of "The Wealth of Nations" and I am quite excited.

P.S.S. An electronic (pdf) copy of Founding Father John Adams' (2 volume) copy can be found here:

and here:

7:18 pm  
Blogger Gavin Kennedy said...

Hi Tom

Thanks for your information.

Canaan's edition of Wealth Of nations is handy in one volume (not abridged).

His footnotes are generally very interesting and show dedicated scholarship.


9:03 pm  

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