Monday, August 11, 2008

Thank you Clive Crook and Mark Thoma

Three Blogs pick up on my comments on Clive Crook’s excellent posting on Saturday in his article in the Financial Times: “Adam Smith on CSR

Mark Thoma’s top economics blog (HERE) kindly reprints the Lost Legacy post (with full attribution and link to Lost Legacy) and his Blog contains comments from several thoughtful correspondents to his own Blog, which are worth reading (as does Clive Crook’s original post in the FT). I really appreciate Mark Thoma when he does that, as his Blog, Economists View, has a large readership among students and exponents of political economy and always draws extra hits to Lost Legacy.

A small, idiosyncratic, Blog, Jacob Christensen, from Denmark, quotes the Lost Legacy piece

Pacific Views also posts ‘Reflections on Adam Smith' HERE.

Mary’ quotes from my piece on Clive Crook’s article, but attributes it to Mark Thoma. I am always pleased to be associated with Mark, but I am not sure he may be happy about that!

However, the more readers of Adam Smith who become aware of the content in which he wrote his two books, the wider the realisation among economists and philosophers that he wrote things from a different perspective and purpose from the notions they pick up in selective third-hand quotations.



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