Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Book on Markets

Eamonn Butler, Director of the Adam Smith Institute, and author of ‘Adam Smith – a primer' (which I was so impressed with that I was delighted to write the introduction), is about to publish his latest book with the catchy title:

The Best Book on the Market: How to stop worrying and love the free economy’.

It is written inEamonn Butler's inimitable short, fun, anecdotal and accessible style.

He covers the basics about choice, competition and entrepreneurship, and prices, and aimes it at spreading understanding among the public, students – even politicians – that markets are actually a good thing.

John Blundell of the Institute of Economic Affairs says it ‘Vividly and simply explains competition, entrepreneurship and prices’.

Václav Klaus, President of Czech Republic, says that it presents solid arguments against government attempts to 'perfect' markets by obstructing competition and private ownership.

The former UK Chancellor, Lord Lawson, says ‘Anything which educates the public and politicians on how the free economy actually works is always welcome’.

I shall write a review of it for Lost Legacy soon.


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