Thursday, January 31, 2008

Adam Smith, Radio Shack and Midi Jacks

Peter Kirn of the Create Digital Music Blog reveals the story behind my piece about midi-jacks and Adam Smith yesterday:

“MIDI Jacks, Radio Shack, Economic Theory, and Invisible Hands”

What is the sound of an invisible hand playing a MIDI controller?
Yes, in the latest evidence that the Interwebs really are Douglas Adams’ imagined Infinite Improbability Drive, a conversation from CDM’s humble forums about the economics of Radio Shack and MIDI jacks has led to a blog response from a non-musician defending the true legacy of Adam Smith.

I’m serious. I’m not just, you know, dumbing down CDM and pandering to the economist audience to pick up cute economist girls.

The blogger also feels our forum poster say “dude” too much. Like, whatever. Don’t have a cow, man.

It started with a thread about the ridiculous price of electronics. (Personally, I wouldn’t try to extrapolate any kind of larger economic theory from a chain run as badly as Radio Shack has been under recent management, but our posters did, and I digress) …”.

Read the rest of Peter Kirn’s most excellent article and the comments he received on it, plus his response to them here.

Just goes to show that the effort to defend Adam Smith’s legacy is not falling on deaf ears – there really are people out there whose education includes a fair does of accurate knowledge of what the wrote, which differs quite bit from what the Chicago school taught about him, led by George Stigler.


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