Friday, November 16, 2007

Crooked Timber Debate on Dani Rodrik's New Book a Disappointment to Me

I have found the discussion on Crooked Timber about Dani Rodrik's new book, 'One Economics, Many Recipes' (Princeton University Press) disappointing in the comments the contributors have attracted.

Also, the format of the debate is awkward. Reading each contributor's piece (all published together) on Dani Rodrik's book one after the other, then reading the comments to each one, the plot is lost. They should have been published separately – say, daily – and I am not sure the commentators to each piece have read the same book or they have lost Dani Rodrik's 'big picture' (they've certainly lost me).

I shall, instead, finish my own reading of the book and then make a comment, possibly in a couple of posts. This will include a summary of Dani Rodrik’s thesis.

[I tried to post this yesterday but following a 5 hour power cut froma fire at a substation in Edinburgh, my computer is still recovering and is not working properly. Fingers crossed.]


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