Friday, July 20, 2007

Light Blogging today, Friday.

I’m off to London at short notice in connection with a book I published 18-years ago on another, this time a biography of a minor, but overly famous, 18th-century figure, Lieutenant William Bligh (‘Captain Bligh, the man and his mutinies’, 1989. Duckworth, London).

This was a spill-over from my then academic interest in defence economics, upon which I regularly taught economics to serving officers in HM Forces, with occasional forays to Washington, DC.

Every now and again, tv and film companies make programmes on Bligh and the Bounty mutiny, and their researchers find my scholarly treatment and conduct telephone interviews, sometimes asking me to do a longer interview (mostly I decline). I believe one such programme is still put out on the History Channel. This time it’s a British tv channel and I agreed to do a short interview in London because they appear to be serious producers, not trying for the usual tabloid treatments. (The films about the Bounty mutiny are so devoid of historical accuracy as to be laughable, but great entertainment and best treated as such.)

I do not expect to return to Edinburgh until around 9.30 pm. It also conveniently nearly coincides with me completing the manuscript of ‘Adam Smith’ (to eb published mid-2008) yesterday evening. I am re-reading the hard copy before making final corrections and writing a short ‘afterword’ (and checking references). Taking the train, I have a few hours each way for careful reading.

I shall resume Lost Legacy on Saturday, the fates willing.


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