Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Important Meeting 24 July, London: Adam Smith and Edmund Burke

On Tuesday 24 July, Dr. Eamonn Butler, the Director of the Adam Smith Institute, will speak on the relationship between Adam Smith and Edmund Burke at a Burke Society Dinner, in London’s Garrick Club.

Eamonn Butler will talk about the relationship between these two 18th-century leading figures, their influence in their times, and their relevance for today, when considering such current issues as education, ‘fat cats’, the future of the Welfare State and the British Constitution, and world problems such as Iraq, the European Union, Darfur, trade with Africa and so-called human-caused climate change.

It will be an evening for profound, far reaching and significant thinking, and one not to be missed. Reserve your place(s) by emailing: aharris@manufacturingforum.com

The evening, (including dinner, wine and pre-dinner drinks), costs GBP£52.00 per place. Book now.


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